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Inflight Reader app

The Inflight Reader app is a content discovery channel that allows travelers to easily sample your content whenever they travel through more than 530 US and over 150 International airports.


You now have the ability to engage, entertain, and enlist your brand's most desirable consumers.

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magMaker Editions

With magMaker Editions, publishers get their own branded iOS, and Android apps that look and feel custom built. Publishing to magMaker Editions is as easy as logging in and uploading the same PDF file that is sent to the printer.  Additionally, our interactive tools provide extended brand engagement opportunities that add increased value for your advertisers.


You now have the ability to align your brand with the desires and interests of your current and future customers.

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zinnApp is a FREE open web platform that gives everyone the ability to create, publish and share content to smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops.


zinnApps can be:

  • Created with no coding or designing
  • Saved to mobile device home screens and launched like any other app
  • Easily shared to friends and social networks
  • Embedded into any website

Visit and start making and sharing your own web apps today!

We are here to support your embrace of the future. As such, we can supplement or assume your digital content distribution workflow. Our design and production teams can work with your staff to ease distribution workflow demands and let you focus on creating great content.

The numbers don’t lie. The entry point for current content distribution platforms and the resources necessary to support them are far too costly for most publishers.  We are committed to the value and success of your brand. Distributing your content through our platform can help you monetize it better than ever before.

Publishers can choose to extend the power of our Content Distribution Platform with the the development of completely customized apps or special issues with a full array of interactive features.

The inextricable truth about content publishing is that success is directly tied to ad revenue.  A Content Distribution Platform must provide relevant data that gives publishers the ability to identify users and communicate with them directly, or as part of specifically identified influencer groups across multiple channels.  Additionally, the presentation of that communication must not annoy users, but rather give them control over multiple options for engaging with contextualized messages.


We understand the power of demographics. Our platform is driven by that understanding and brings the best of direct marketing to digital.

We are led by a diverse team of highly qualified marketing, publishing, technology, and communications professionals. That knowledge base has directly informed the creation of our platform and continues to challenge us to develop new and innovative strategies for how it can be deployed.


We offer our best thinking about how we can assist you in extracting the maximum amount of value from your brand and your content.

We have taken our deep practical and historical knowledge of direct marketing, demographics, and consumer behavior and applied it to current technologies in a way that is unique in the industry.


We understand that for brands, the most valuable point in the consumer cycle is when the consumer is determining their intent, not after their intent has been established.  Unlike search, social, and most of the display advertising and marketing tools currently available in the digital space, our platform allows your brand to be presented to the perfect audience at the appropriate moment – the moment that intent is determined.  That is when your brand is welcomed and not intrusive, desired and not thrust upon the consumer.  Meeting the consumer at this point of agreement is when you realize the most optimal ROI possible.


We would like to introduce your brand to the future of digital marketing.  It is a future that marshals the best direct marketing practices of the past, leverages the virtually frictionless nature of the digital delivery environment, and allows you to communicate with your customers in a friendly, welcomed and truly engaging manner.


We look forward to helping you embrace your future customers.



F2F | 6Sixty digital Inc. is led by a diverse team of highly qualified marketing, publishing and digital communications professionals with extensive experience in both print and digital content development and delivery. Our experience includes strategic planning, Internet communications, mobile development, database, and application development and mass communications systems. We are also intimately aware of the challenges and opportunities facing the global publishing industry and how they relate to the goals and objectives of today's publishers. As a full-service digital agency, F2F | 6Sixty digital Inc. offers significant relevant experience in developing mission-driven digital strategies that are measurable and targeted towards maximizing the needs of publishers, consumers, and sponsors.

App offers brands

a new route to the airport

Inflight Digital last week cinched a new deal with Penguin Random House that expands the content options available for its Inflight Reader app.



The Inflight Reader App Offers Travelers Free Magazines

While some may opt to watch movies on their smart phones or tablets, others enjoy a good read. But who really wants to lug around three or four magazines with luggage? Not to fret. Inflight Digital CEO Ed Young announced a new app, the Inflight Reader App.



Ed Young’s Big Plan for Magazine Media.

“It’s not print or digital, and I can’t reinforce this enough; it’s print and digital. And MagMaker Editions is something that will allow the publishers to really enhance their print and digital offerings in a way that makes sense for the consumer.” Ed Young



How To: Read Magazines for Free on Your Phone/Tablet at Any Airport

Entertaining yourself at an airport—and in the air—just got a whole lot easier…and lighter. Gone are the days when you had to bring reading material to keep your mind occupied during your travels. Now, there’s Inflight Reader, an app for iOS and AndroidInflight Reader devices.



Editor’s Pick | Inflight Reader App

f you’re anything like us, you love to load up on new magazines before a long flight—it might be the only free time you have to go offline and really enjoy a good story. But magazines are heavy and take up precious space in your carry-on.




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